Zur künstlerischen Praxis von Nicole Peisl

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- VIELFALT von Nicole Peisl (2010)
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Probenfoto von SPIELFELD II

Spielfeld II
(c) Anatoli Skatchkov

Nicole Peisl arbeitet mit

SIBAM elements: is a therapeutic model used in Somatic Experiencing®, a pioneering approach to physical and psychological symptoms of stress, shock and trauma. It stands for Sensation, Image, Behavior, Affect, Meaning

Midline: (along the line of the spine) an organizational tool, a place where one rest in, departs from and returns to.

Fulcrum: is a source of power, it is a stillpoint. Out of the fulcrum flow the levers. movement organizes itself around the fulcrum.

Orientation: made available through the senses, arises through mindfulness and presence, connects to the environment through the senses, has special awareness and provides stability and contact.

Activation/threshold and completion cycles: these cycles are imbedded in the deepest levels of our physiology and are recognizable and can be faciltated in many layer through our embodiment and being in the world.

Movement phases: Intuition about a movement, Impulse, beginning of the movement, the following through of the movement and the closure of the movement.

Sensation: working with the ”Felt sense” (Eugene Gendlin) holding attention to a holistic internal sensation, trekking of sensation and observation of movement.

Image: images or impressions that are brought into awareness. Can potentially be recognized as markers and therefore will offer orientation and grounds of safety and stability.

Behavior: gestures, mimic, facial expression, posture also tonus of muscles and voice.

Affect: emotions and feelings that are touched through the work.

Meaning: cognitive, crystallizing the meaning of something IMPORTANT in the explored.

Social engagement aspects: within the structures of a performance from the prospective of the nervous system (”Polyvagal Theory” by Steven Porges)

Gestures: are part of a dynamic that are shaped, both, by the task and the context. This happens in mutual interaction and also can function as an anchor at the bases for our social engagement.

Shape shifting gesture or posture: A thought or a shift of attention can compell and engender a whole new movement and a movement can shapeshift what one feels or thinks about the preceived and assumed.

Diaphragms: their organizational and communicatinal qualities on a physical level.

Bone energetics: information inherent in human bones and or arising when engaging with a bonestructure.

Movement direction I: moving with the direction of greatest ease from a sensational point of view and following that consioucly moment to moment. letting activation and deactivation come and go, ”staying with it” ”einfach dabei bleiben”.

Movement direction II: consiously choosing and constructing movement in the service of directing attention of the observer offering a quality, spacial or temporal shift to keep the viewer engaged. ”bringing the choreographic self into relation”.

Relational stillness: Keeping still when it is time to keep still, moving forward when itis time to move forward; in this way rest and movement are in agreement of the demands at the time and/or can conciousely be counter pointed in relation to the attention of the observer.

VIELFALT von Nicole Peisl (2010)

What do we do when we show ourselves.
What do we do when we watch.
In performance.

VIELFALT asks how the conditions of performance affect (amplify, alter) how we manage to show ourselves and how we manage to perceive. Victory and defeat, stillness and gesture, sound, humor, posture, ropes and two dancers, these are the ingredients out of which VIELFALT is composed. In making VIELFALT, Nicole Peisl has worked closely with dancers Elena Giannotti and Satu Herrala. VIELFALT grows out of Peisl's ongoing creative, research and teaching collaboration with philosopher Alva Noë.

Choreografie: Nicole Peisl
Performerinnen: Satt Herrala, Elena Giannotti
Sound-Collage: Dietrich Krueger, Mara Brinker
Licht: Ulf Naumann
Kostüme: Elena Giannotti, Satu Herrala, Dorothee Merg, Nicole Peisl
Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Alva Noë
Künstlerische Beratung: Johanna Milz
Produktionsassistenz: Amelie Buchinger
Dauer: ca. 40 Min.

Mit Dank an William Forsythe, The Forsythe Company, Motion Bank und Frankfurt LAB. Dank und Anerkennung an Freunde und Kollegen die Unterstützung und Hilfe bereitet haben: Julian Richter, Marion Kotowksi, Harald Geisler, Niels Lanz, Dorsey Buschnell, the Golden Girls, Marion Rossi, Sabine Stenzel, Fabrice Mazliah und May Zahry.

Premiere: 21. Oktober 2010, im Frankfurt LAB.
Eine Auftragsarbeit der Forsythe Company für Motion Bank.


Nicole Peisl, born in Austria, has been working as a freelance-dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher since the mid-nineties.

She is a member of the Forsythe Company. She also was a member of the Ballett Frankfurt (from 2000 to 2004) and has worked as a freelance dancer with various choreographers under which Anouk van Dijk, Joseph Tmim, the Episode Collective and with Daghdha Dance Company in Limerick.

Choerographic work : In the last years the focus was shifted next to the work as a dancer with the Forsythe Company and teaching also back to her choerographic work. She developed the work called VIELFALT, which was commissioned by The Forsythe Company for Motion Bank, premiered at Lab Frankfurt in October 2010, then the work UEBERBLICK, commissioned by The Forsythe Company, which premiered in June 2011 at Festspielhaus Hellerau. Her latest the work SPIELFELD was commissioned by ID_Frankfurt for a residency and was premiered at the LAB Frankfurt in November 2011 in the frame of Tanzpanorama.)

Peisl is committed to her teaching practice, which developes as a distinct bodily practice and research methodology. She has developed this practice in the context of her work as a performer, choreographer. She has taught at Rotterdam Dance Academy, the HfMDK in Frankfurt, the University of Limerick, the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitaet Linz, the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, as well as at the ImPulsTanz Festival. In 2013 she will have a residency as a guest professor at DOCH University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden.

She is certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work of the Milne Institute, a noninvasive hands on bodywork and now is in advanced studies of Somatic Experiencing developed by Dr. Peter A. Levine.

Assitence/choaching/advising positions and collaboration: Peisl has assisted in cranio sacral bodywork trainings of the Milne Institute and assists currently in a somatic experiencing training led by Steven Hoskinson. She has choached and had a advisors position in choreographic processes of the performance group Mamaza and also has served as an expert advisor for the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since 2009 she has an ongoing creative, research and teaching collaboration with the author and philosopher Alva Noë.